Mejadra Eyes


18/6 from 21:00 - Náplavka

19/6 21:00 - 21:30 - Náplavka

20/6 from 21:00 - Náplavka

Mejadra Eyes is an art duo composed of Shlomit Yaacov and Yaniv Yur (Yoyo), dedicated to multimedia art: video installations, video mapping and everything that is remotely connected to video art. For the Jerusalem days, Mejadra Eyes have prepared a special video projection “Jerusalem down under” representing Jerusalem as a city of two different realities. One is the familiar, mundane reality of human life in Jerusalem, the other is the hardly noticed and sometimes feared reality of the insects living among us. The combination of the two dimensions brings up different social and environmental issues, while displaying an intriguing visual experience for the viewer. In a more subconscious way, the narrative of this work is drawing it’s inspiration from the author Franz Kafka, and his story “The Metamorphosis”, as it portraits the helplessness of the individual (human or insect) against the structure of the system.
The work is going to be displayed in two different formats,
a sight specific mapped projection, and a live audio-visual performance.


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